Statement of Financial Transaction (SFT / Form 61A) Preliminary Response

The due date for furnishing Statement of Financial Transaction (SFT) for any Financial Year is May 31 of that year e.g for F.Y. 2018-19 it is May 31, 2019.

Communications are being received by the Income Tax Department for furnishing Form 61, Statement of Financial Transactions (Form 61A) / Statement of Reportable Accounts (Form 61B) on the Reporting Portal

Process for Login Creation for Authorized Person already having ITDREIN:

  1. Login to Reporting Portal.  User id is PAN of principal person
  2. Password is Combination of First Five Alphabets of principal officers PAN (First alphabet in Caps and other four in small letters) followed by @Date of Birth (DDMM format). Example: Aabcd@1506 for PAN AABCD1234Z with DOB: 15/06/1997
  3. Kindly change your password after first login.
  4. Add Designated Director in Authorised Person list under Profile

Statement of Financial Transaction (SFT) Preliminary Response can be submitted only by creating new user as “Designated Director” apart from “Principal Officer”.

Addition of Designated Director: The reporting person/entity is required to submit the details of designated director before any statement is submitted on reporting portal. The designated director will receive a confirmation e-mail with login credentials for login to reporting portal ( at his/her registered email address. Only, the designated director of the reporting person/entity can digitally sign and upload the Statement of Financial Transaction (SFT) and the corresponding correction statements, if any, through his own login credentials at the reporting portal.

Process for Login Creation for new Authorized Person not having ITDREIN:

  1. Login to e-filing portal at
  2. Under “My Account” tab select “Reporting Portal (Beta Version)”. Confirm and it will direct you to Reporting portal site
  3. Select New Registration and fill details with the Firms / Companies PAN.
  4. Enter Details of Reporting Entity details: Name, Type and Category and Regulator Name.
  5. At the bottom select “Principal Officer”.
  6. Fill details on this page with Individual PAN of Principal Officer.
  7. Again at the bottom Select ” Designated Director” and fill details with Individual PAN of Designated Director.
  8. Confirm details for ITDREIN generation.
  9. Download the registration request pdf.
  10. E-mail with login details shall be emailed to registered e-mail id after due verification.

For further assistance contact us on +919825223809

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