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Cross Border Payments – SWIFT vs RippleNet xCurrent

Blockchain has been a buzz word for sometime, but now it has started touching our day to day life by solving actual problems.  In relation to international trade, blockchain technology has made progress in

  1. Cross Border Payments:
    1. With RippleNet – xCurrent
      • Business to Business Payment
      • Retail Payments
    2. IBM World Wire
    3. Corda Settler
  2. Trade Finance (Some of the platform)
    • Marco Polo Blockchain Platform for Open Account
    • Voltron: R3’s Corda Platform for LC
    • TradeLens – IBM & Maerks for E Bill o f Lading
    • Cargo X
    • : a platform for open account trade
    • Komgo : a solution for commodity trade finance
    • Bolero: for issuing and managing electronic bills of lading etc…

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