Letter of Credit Consultancy Services

Export Letter of Credit Consultancy Services

  1. Checking Draft Letter of Credit
  2. Check LC documents before submitting to negotiating Bank. Identifying LC discrepancies and suggest resolutions. This will help export submit documents which are compliant with UCP 600 and ISBP 745. Benefit for exporters:
    • Faster Payments
    • Reduce deduction from final payments
  3. LC Confirmations: We help exporters in adding LC confirmations at competitive rates.
  4. LC Negotiations: We help exporters getting LC negotiated at competitive rates.
  5. Assist in refuting invalid discrepancies.

Import Letter of Credit Consultancy Services

  1. Assist with Drafting of LC
  2. Check LC documents  submitted exporter to his bank if they are complaint with LC terms or not.


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