FX-Retail Platform - FAQ

FX-Retail Platform – FAQ

1. How will the Customer know whether the Registration has been approved or rejected by the Relationship Bank?

Answer: The Customer will receive an email on his registered email id on approval or rejection by the Relationship bank. The customer can also check the status of the registration using the link sent to
the email id.

2.  Can the customer withdraw the registration before approval/rejection by the Relationship bank?

Answer: Yes. The customer can access the registration using the account status link sent to the email id and withdraw the registration.

3.  Can the Customer re-apply or edit the details, in case the registration is rejected by the Relationship Bank?

Answer: Yes. The Customer can visit the Registration portal and click on “Like to resubmit the rejected request option”. A pop up message will be displayed prompting for Request reference number of the registration. On entering this detail, the Registration details would be fetched for the purpose of editing the details of the registration.

4. Whom can the customer contact in case the registration is not approved or rejected by the Relationship bank?

Answer: The Customer can contact the respective Relationship bank.

5. How will the Customer receive the user credentials after banks approve customer registration?

Answer: Post bank approval, the Customer will receive user credentials on the registered email id.

6. Can I add multiple Relationship Banks on the FX-Retail Platform?

Answer: The Customer can register for the FX-Retail platform by indicating a Relationship bank. The Customer can add further Relationship Banks as per his preference based on the approval by the added Relationship bank.

7. Whom to approach for issues related to Markup and Trading Limit ?

Answer: Relationship Bank.

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