Form 15CA and Form 15CB for Buyers Credit Repayments

Form 15CA and Form 15CB Certificate may be applicable in few cases of Buyers Credit Repayment. Over the period of time there has been many changes to regulation and latest one issued on 16th December 2015 and got implemented from April 1, 2016.

At the time of Repayment of Buyers Credit Loan

A. Repayments made to Indian Bank Overseas Branches 

Form 15CA :  As per our interpretation Form 15CA is not applicable in case of Indian Bank Overseas Branches as its status is Resident

Further details of the same can be found in article ” Form 15CA & Form 15CB not applicable on Interest Payment to Indian Bank Branches

Incase the bank is still adamant on submission of Form 15CA, then the same can be submitted under Part D. But its has an issues of selecting Nature of Remittance, as there is no relevant head.

B. Repayments made to Foreign Bank or Indian Bank Subsidiaries

  1. Form 15CA: Part C
    • Nature of Remittance :  Income
    • Purpose Code: S1403: Remittance towards Interest on Loans from Non Residence (Short Term / Medium Term / Long Term Loans)
  2. Form 15CB (Issued by Chartered Accountant)


  1. CBDT Notification No. 93/2015: Dated 16-Dec-2015
  2. Revised Form 15CA
  3. Revised Form 15CB

One thought on “Form 15CA and Form 15CB for Buyers Credit Repayments”

  1. How to presume that in a year remittance would exceeds Rs.50 lakhs.
    Therefore, if part A is filled for first few remittances on assumption that total remittance would be less than 50 lakhs, which eventually exceeds rs.50lakhs by the year end then :
    1) what would be the consequences?
    2) Whether penalty of Rs.1 lakh for each filing of 15ca where we have given details in part-A would be levied? and
    3) Whether the remittance would include principal and interest or only interest?
    Your early comments on the above issues would be highly appreciated.

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