Buyers Credit All-In-Cost Ceiling may move back to L+200bps from 01/04/2012

In its Circular dated 15/11/2011, RBI had increased the all-in-cost ceiling for Buyers Credit  from 6 Month L+ 200 bps to 6 Month L + 350 bps subject to condition that is only upto 31/03/2012 and after subject to review there after.

As of yesterday evening, there is no fresh circular from RBI on Trade Credit. If this situation remains, effective from 01/04/2012

  1. Maximum Cap will come down to 6 Month Libor + 200 bps
  2. Internationally price for < $100000 is already above 6 Month Libor + 200 bps. Thus, for SME it will get difficult to arrange funds.

RBI Circular on Trade Credit Dated 15/11/2012

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